About Anaïs

Anais is a young South African artist with a HUGE warm and vibrant voice. Her music can be described as Acoustic Rock, almost poetic folk music with a dramatic International sound combined with a sexy young and fresh spunk. She is signed by her record label, Vonk Musiek.

Anais is the National Ambassador for LifeLine South Africa. She is a big role model for the “youth” of South Africa and loves making a difference in the world.

Anais has many outreach projects under the name “Be Your Dream” which is also the name of one of her own songs. Now also the official LifeLine song too. “Be your dream!”

Recent Media Release from Anais as the National Ambassador of South Africa.

Shocking Reality!

The occurrence of teen suicide is becoming more common every year in South Africa. The suicide rate for children aged between 10 and 14 years old has doubled over the last fifteen years. It has been estimated that one in every five youths considers suicide. The fastest growing suicide rate is in young people under the age of 35, specifically females between the ages of 15 to 19 years!

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and these statistics can be altered by the “Be Your Dream” campaign, which is aimed at encouraging young people to believe in themselves. The campaign also empowers people, especially the youth, to seek assistance when necessary, serving as an early intervention strategy towards promoting emotional wellness and thus saving and improving lives.

Anaïs is taking this message to schools, universities, campusses, corporate companies and churches around the country to inspire young people to reach their potential, and show them that they can do more with their lives when given the right guidance and counselling.

The “Be Your Dream” project is also intended at spreading awareness about LifeLine, and their free 24 hour telephonic counselling services and therapeutic counselling that is provided for anyone in need across South Africa. The project is aimed at supporting and assisting individuals during a time when social wellness is required.

Anaïs is a phenomenal artist with a strong, warm, and vibrant voice; her music can be described as acoustic rock, and is similar to poetic folk music, combined with a dramatic acoustic sound and a fresh spunk. Her band is a vibrant group of well known best artists that love music and have a passion for performing and the “Be Your Dream” project. Led by the talented Anaïs, their sound is both modern, rich, and exciting to listen to.

Anaïs is also the National goodwill ambassador for LifeLine. Her partnership with LifeLine, a Non-Profit Organisation, involves raising awareness for the organisation, as well as peer education.

Anaïs launched the song, “Be Your Dream” as the official LifeLine theme song. The song is aimed at reaching people all over the country, and encourages them to “dream the impossible dream”.

The song can be downloaded through the sms line, 39051 and the proceeds go to LifeLine Ekurhuleni.

“You never know whose life you may be saving”, says Anaïs. “I believe that no one can take your dream away. The money raised from the ‘Be Your Dream’ campaign will go a long way towards ensuring that LifeLine continues its 24hour counselling line, and enhances the emotional well-being of South Africa’s youth, a service that will go a long way in improving their lives.”

Through her music, Anaïs has committed to encouraging children and young adults to seek help when faced with emotional challenges. She has also initiated bursary schemes at two different institutions, which she personally funds.