June 27, 2015

Anaïs performs at Con Amore


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The ‘Be Your Dream’ project is also intended at spreading awareness about LifeLine, and their free 24 hour telephonic counseling services

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ANAÏS, a well-known artist and ambassador for LifeLine, performed at Con Amor on May 14 for her outreach project, ‘Be Your Dream’.

The ‘Be Your Dream’ campaign is aimed at encouraging young people to believe in themselves, to seek assistance when necessary, and serves as an early intervention strategy towards promoting emotional wellness and saving and improving lives.

Anaïs is taking this message to schools, universities, campuses, corporate companies and churches around the country to inspire young people to reach their potential, and show them that they can do more with their lives when given the right guidance and counselling.

The project is also aimed at supporting and assisting individuals during a time when social wellness is required, as well as spreading awareness about LifeLine and their free 24-hour telephonic counselling services and therapeutic counselling that is provided for anyone in need across South Africa.

Anaïs also has a band of vibrant and well-known artists who love music and have a passion for performing and the ‘Be Your Dream’ project.

Her partnership with LifeLine, a non-profit organisation, involves raising awareness for the organisation, as well as peer education.

She launched the song, ‘Be Your Dream’ as the official LifeLine theme song. The song is aimed at reaching people all over the country and encourages them to “dream the impossible dream”.

“You never know whose life you may be saving,” says Anaïs. “I believe that no one can take your dream away. The money raised from the ‘Be Your Dream’ campaign will go a long way towards ensuring that LifeLine continues its 24-hour counselling line, and enhances the emotional well-being of South Africa’s youth, a service that will go a long way in improving their lives.”

Through her music, Anaïs has committed to encouraging children and young adults to seek help when faced with emotional challenges.

She has also initiated bursary schemes at two different institutions, which she personally funds.